I believe we all have been a victim of credit card theft in some form or another. Check out how this one gentleman did it AND with a celebrity!



A criminal took it upon himself to charge $169,000.00 on Demi Moore's American Express credit card. Where he went? Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom in NYC. I am surprised the sales clerk didn't ask for an ID? Maybe that is a thing of the past?

Here is the interesting way this criminal did it. He called up Amex and told them that he was Demi Moore's assistant and that she lost the credit card. He asked to get a new one sent out and he intercepted it. How absolutely insane?

Demi Moore's "real" assistant noticed the charges and immediately reported it as fraud. Police were notified and they were able to pull surveillance footage. The criminal?

David Matthew Read

The big picture? Demi is worth an estimated $150 million.  So $169,000 to her is like us normal people noticing fraudulent charges totaling $16.90. $16.90!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine that? I wonder if he will be charged petit larceny because of Demi's worth? I highly doubt it though!


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