A night of music turned violent and led to seven people getting arrested at a 50 Cent concert at Six Flags Darien Lake.

According to police, seven people were arrested at the show for a variety of different reasons.


Here is a look at the arrests that took place at the 50 Cent Show on August 5th, 2023.

A 24-year-old Rochester man was arrested and charged with second-degree assault for allegedly punching a female concertgoer and knocking her unconscious. He was booked and taken to jail while he waits for his appearance in court.

A 46-year-old from Buffalo was arrested for harassment after allegedly punching another concert-goer.

A 34-year-old from Buffalo was arrested for obstructing governmental administration after they allegedly interfering with police who were making an arrest.

A 35-year-old from Niagara Falls was charged with harassment after allegedly pushing a security officer.

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A 21-year-old from Rochester was charged with obstructing governmental administration, harassment, and disorderly conduct after allegedly causing a disturbance before fighting with police.

A 27-year-old from Rochester was arrested for criminal trespass after allegedly kicking over a fence and entering a restricted area on the property.

A 38-year-old from Beaver Dams, New York, faces a harassment charge after allegedly pushing and fighting with Darien Lake security personnel.

The above six people were issued tickets and are expected to be back in court in September.

This is now the first time multiple arrests have happened at a concert at Darien Lake. Last July there were reports of a massive brawl at a Pitbull concert that involved over 100 people.

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