Teaching your kiddos some cooking skills is a survival tool. The younger, the better! You can do this with cooking classes at Tops!



O.k. This isn't just for kids. This is for adults and kids of all ages and all skill levels. Even if you are looking for some new ideas for dinner. I hate the dreaded sentence, "What's for dinner tonight?" This is a fantastic way to get some fresh ideas.

The specific Tops locations are the Maple and Bailey in Amherst or the location on Orchard Park Road in West Seneca. They have fun themed style classes like a Star Wars Chewie Bacca breakfast.

There are many price ranges too from $13 per class all the way up to $225 for a camp. It depends on the courses you want to take.

Interested in the classes? You can call them and ask for specific details. It goes on throughout the entire year!

To register, call the locations you want to take your classes at. You can reach Amherst at (716) 515-2000 and West Seneca at (716) 517-3006.

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