The Buffalo Sabres are looking to end a 12-year playoff drought this season and you have a chance to see them do it live.

This month, you have a chance to pick up a free pair of tickets to see the Buffalo Sabres at home at KeyBank Center.

ConnectLife has launched a donation program where in the month of December, if you make a donation you will get a pair of tickets to see the Buffalo Sabres

ConnectLife was founded in Western New York back in 1981 as the Organ Procurement Agency of Western New York. They merged with the Buffalo Eye Bank in 1993 and added blood bank services in 2007.

They became the first organization in the country with organ, eye, tissue, and blood donation services under one roof.

Connectlife supplies blood products to over 75% of the community in Western New York and offers services all across New York State.

If you want to make a donation and get a pair of Sabres tickets, you need to make an appointment and a donation before December 31st. You can schedule your appointment online HERE or you can call to make an appointment at 716-529-4270.

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The Buffalo Sabres are currently in 6th place in the Atlantic Division with 22 points in 23 games.

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