As you're drinking your coffee this morning the reason really has little to do with the taste.  Oh you may disagree with me but experts have proven differently.

 the study found that the main reason we drink coffee and alcohol is because we like the BUZZ.

And alcohol is brings us up and alcohol brings us down.

“The genetics underlying our preferences are related to the psychoactive components of these drinks,” said Marilyn Cornelis, co-author of the study and assistant professor of preventive medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “People like the way coffee and alcohol make them feel. That’s why they drink it. It’s not the taste.”

The study went on to say...

The scientists were surprised when they found that the adults made their beverage choices based more on mental reward than they did taste. In fact, many of the participants cited that they chose coffee or sodas in the morning because they liked the euphoric feeling that the caffeine provided or preferred alcohol because of its calming effect.

While we may want to instantly disagree...think about how many times you've said "I need a cup of coffee" as opposed to "I want a cup of coffee",  It may seem like I am just playing with words, BUT...while I like the taste of coffee, I drink it in the morning to wake me up and give me a jolt.  The same thing if you choose a glass of wine in the evening.

I'm not saying to stop coffee or alcohol, but realize WHY you are consuming it, and that there may be other choices to give you that lift or to relax you.

(NBC News)


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