Shea’s Performing Arts Center is using the COVID-19 closing to focus on restoration efforts for the Buffalo landmark.

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According to WIVB-TV Doris Collins, historic preservation consultant for Shea’s, and volunteers are hard at work using the break to focus on multiple projects which would be problematic to complete during a regular season.

“When they’re here, we find work on small projects- light fixtures, furniture pieces we can do in our shop,” Collins said.

The team is working on four big projects...

“We actually covered most of the area through the building- there are still a couple of walls that have not been touched, so those are future plans for the rest of the fall,” Collins added. “I often compare it to the Golden Gate Bridge- you start painting it, and when it’s done you’re back doing it at the other end,” said Kevin Sweeney, director of marketing and communications for Shea’s said. “It’s an ongoing process that will continue forever- it’s a gorgeous theatre that requires a lot of love and care, and between the staff and volunteers, they really do treat it like its their own.”

Making the project more difficult is the fact that the theater is designated as a National Historic Site, so everything needs to be kept true to how it was originally constructed.

They’re always looking for volunteers to help with the restoration. If you’re interested,  call the box office at (716) 847-0850 and ask for Doris.

Shea’s has live performances scheduled to start this December, dependant upon the green light to reopen and whether the tour is ready to go.

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