I would like to think so. We’ll soon find out if the Coach, General Manager and players will be here including quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Just add this poor season to a long string of them and zero playoff appearances in thirteen years. I’ve heard the word “mediocrity” alot and yes, that pretty much sums up the Bills in recent years.

Buddy Nix was promoted from inside the organization a few years ago to run the football operations and was named General Manager. Under Buddy, the Bills have been able to attract some good players in free agency and also drafted an excellent running back in CJ Spiller. He also hired coach Chan Gailey and has failed to draft a franchise quarterback in his tenure. Chan Gailey just wrapped up his third season as the Buffalo Bills head coach and has a record of 16-32. Yes, 16 wins and 32 losses. Dick Jauron, the coach who all Bills fans hated had a better record than Gailey at 24-33. Gailey has been under much scrutiny for not utilizing CJ Spiller enough in games throughout this past season.

Bills fans had such high hopes for this season due to some top talent joining the team including defensemen Mark Anderson and top free agent Mario Williams. The defense was not improved, it was subpar. Defensive coordinator Dave Wannstedt has also been under scrutiny for the disastrous play of his defense.

The numbers don’t lie… the team is not much better than they were three, six or even ten years ago. No playoffs in thirteen years and a losing record for eight years. We’ve also heard the term “rebuilding” forever and it looks like we wil continue to hear it. Ralph, please listen to the fans and make some changes right away, bring in a new group and see what they can do. I don’t mean to offend anyone but let’s get some young blood in the organzation and put their ideas to good use. It’s time for change.

Multiple media outlets are reporting that Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey are on the hotseat. They are also reporting that Michael Vick who is due to be released by the Philadelphia Eagles could land in Buffalo. Do you feel that change is coming at One Bills Drive?

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