Carl Paladino said "get ready" when talking about running for Congress, New York's 27th Congressional district recently.

After a failed attempt at running for Governor and Chris Collins suspending his campaign, Carl will run off this platform, according to WGRZ:

When asked to describe his platform, Paladino said "my platform is every issue you hear about everyday, immigration, jobs, taxes.


When asked about gay marriage, he said "I'm all for it, I have no problem they are human beings just like everybody else and they're entitled to have the same rights and freedoms that all of us have.


While he has been criticized for his harsh, blunt language, Paladino said "you want to talk to me about the way I present myself, I'm a fighter and I'll continue to fight for the right things for the people and that's how people know me."

Carl does not live in the 27th Congressional district, but owns a home in Orchard Park that makes him eligible.

Paladino is good friends with the President.


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