Over the weekend, Offset crashed Cardi B's Rolling Loud set with $15,000 worth of flowers to beg for her forgiveness after the rapper had announced she and her husband were splitting up two weeks prior. The "I Like It" emcee didn't accept his apology, and her fans were out for his head. Later, a Twitter user posted video footage showing Cardi's publicist Patientce Foster escorting Offset to the stage, and fans called for her to get fired. Needless to say, the 26-year-old did not take kindly to that. And she let everyone know via an Instagram Live feed.

During her nearly 13-minute-long speech, the Bronx native addressed Foster as a "homie" and "big sister. "She’s not like any other publicist. She’s my friend," Cardi explained. "Yeah, sometimes she does a little bit more, you wanna know why? Because we are a family and she cares about my family," she continued. "I’m not gonna let y’all drag her. I don’t give a f--k …I will never let y’all disrespect people this close to me."

She went on to explain her publicist's reasoning for helping Offset. "She was just trying to help a man that was telling her, 'Yo, I love my wife. Please help me get my wife,'" she said. "I’m not gonna let y’all drag my b--ch for that."

As the comments poured in during her Live session, Cardi threatened to delete her Instagram, not release her "Money" video, and step out of the spotlight if her fans didn't shape up, admitting she didn't care what it meant for her career.

"I go hard for my friends, for my Day Ones," she declared.

Watch her whole Instagram Live video below.

Foster also addressed her involvement in the Rolling Loud stunt with an Instagram story post.

"Wether or not your good intentions translate to a non-involved party shouldn’t matter! The good we try to do and the efforts we make to right our wrongs is only intended for the people we wish to be on the receiving end. Not for the recognition or affirmation of a delusioned third party," she declared. "Only God knows your heart and your mind. when you start living for yourself and not the affirmation of other you'll care less and eventually not at all!"


Although the split seemed amicable at first, it later came out that Offset had been cheating on Cardi, which presumably contributed to their breakup.

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