Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa have nailed the sound — and now the look — of Summer 2018.

The pair of pop heavy-hitters, who first announced plans to collaborate in early April, released the video for "One Kiss" to Apple Music subscribers Wednesday (April 2), and it plays like an ad for a glamorous 1950s boutique Los Angeles hotel. The kaleidoscope of muted colors and swirling shapes finds Lipa swirling on a flower, hanging out in a giant yellow hat and facing the camera in sunset-painted twilight.

The duo first released the single on April 6 with a breezy lyric video that featured a TV dispensing technicolor images next to some running water.

The official video isn't available in full everywhere yet, but you can catch a 30-second preview — even if you don't currently subscribe to Apple Music.

The new music partners recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show where they revealed that they decided to collaborate — as is the case with seemingly everything these days — by means of social media.

"I chased you, didn't I? I DM'd her on Twitter," Harris told Norton. "We bumped into each other two years ago but it was a very brief thing."

"It was at a party and we just said hi to each other and that was it," Lipa added.

Check out the teaser above and hang tight for the full video, which will drop soon.

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