You have to pick the best fast food restaurant that there is out of these three options: McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King.

The correct answer should be McDonald's (I'm a big McD's fan, so I'm trying to convince you). But, Burger King is probably the best at marketing. Over the years they have come up with some of the most memorable and creative campaigns in the fast food industry. They are not scared to go after McDonald's head on and even use the Big Mac and Ronald McDonald, including one marketing tactic that has been going on at some Burger King's.

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Remember, when you were a kid and you used to go into the bathroom with your friends and you would look in the mirror and say "blood mary" three times and then she would appear?

Well, BK is doing something similar except you say "CANCELLED CLOWN" in the mirror, and a faint Ronald McDonald will appear! According to Business Insider, it's a certain kind of 2-way mirror with sound recognition to make the clown appear (aka Ronald McDonald).

The software, installed by a Swedish agency named INGO Stockholm, is trained to listen for the phrase "canceled clown." If it hears it three times, it dims the lights, makes a noise, and plays visual effects on a screen behind the two-way "smart mirror."

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