I feel like that people in Buffalo have a nice advantage of getting one of these jobs. This company called, Ooni who makes pizza ovens and they are going to pay people $350 to $1,000 to be pizza taste-testers.

Here's the deal:

The tasters will be expected to make their own pizzas with a variety of ingredients and provide feedback on new pizza products. Ooni will even pay for all your ingredients.

Pay depends on experience, and how much time a person spends on tasting the pizzas.

According to Garland, the $300 rate would be someone who can make and stretch their own dough, but has never worked professionally in a kitchen.

The person making $1,000 would be someone who has added skill sets of making pizza, filming their baking skills and or has worked as a cook.

Buffalo has arguably the best pizza in America, so we already have a good one-up knowing what good pizza is. Pass this around to anyone who has a good pizza recipe!

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