The Buffalo Sabres hanging on by a very slim tread to their playoff hopes.

While the odds are against them, there is still a chance that they can make the playoffs, so the team sent out an email to all their season ticket holder selling playoff tickets.

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The email was sent out this past Friday giving season ticket holders a chance to buy playoff tickets just in case the team does make it into the playoffs this season.

The Sabres were last in the playoffs in 2011. That year they ended up losing in the first round to the Philadephia Flyers 4 games to 3.

Overall since the Buffalo Sabres entered the NHL, they have made the playoffs a total of 29 times in their 52 seasons

Currently, there are five teams battling for the final two playoff spots.

1. Florida: 87
2. New York Islanders: 87
3. Pittsburgh: 86
4. Buffalo: 81
5. Ottawa: 81

The odds of the Sabres making the playoffs are slim but they will have four games left in their season. They would have to win their last four games and get some help from the Florida Panthers and New York Islanders. Each of those teams will have to lose some of their games in order to give the Sabres a chance to win.

As a long-life Sabres fan, it has been tough watching the Sabres during their 11-year playoff drought and winning four in a row isn't impossible, it will be a tough go for the team and us fans. But never say never until the numbers say the Sabres can't make the playoffs.

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