When storms come, people get ready.  But let's be honest..when we hear that there's going to be a storm, Buffalonians prepare a little differently.

Everyone knows what to do when a storm is going to come to their town.  People who deal with hurricanes know to board up the windows and get sandbags in place.  If it's a tornado, they know to put away things that could fly around in their yard and get to the basement.  But when it comes to snow, some people deal with it differently.

Take people in the south.  A couple of inches of snow is a big deal to people in the south.  Oftentimes their vehicles aren't ready for it.  Schools shut down, and grocery store shelves go bare.

But those of us in Buffalo deal with it in a different way.  Sure, we get our snowblowers ready and make sure that our shovels are close at hand.  But there are a couple of other things that people overlook when they aren't from around here that could be a life saver.

As pointed out in this Tik Tok, we still go to the store, but it's not always for bread and milk.  We're loading up on Frank's Red Hot Sauce, Bison Dip, and chips.  But I'd like to add that we have to make sure we have enough beer.  Nobody wants to get snowed in at their house without enough beer to make it a few days.

I love that she calls it "Fake Winter."  It really does feel like that when you don't get at least a foot and a half of snow!


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