If you ask anyone who has moved away from the Buffalo area what they miss the most, it's highly likely that they will say "the food." But, have you ever wondered if there are any fast food restaurants on that list?

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Buffalo is a foodie city. If there is one thing that we do really well, it is that we make good food. If there is a second thing we do well, it's gotta be eating that good food that was made.

With all of that eating that we do, you would think that there would be a healthy balance of homegrown eateries, sit-down establishments, and fast food restaurants. But, according to a survey that was completed by Lawn Starter, it would seem that Fast Food Restaurants are not high on our list of favorite places.

In fact, out of the 200 cities that were surveyed and ranked, Buffalo doesn't even crack the top 100 cities in America for fast food lovers.

To come up with that ranking, Lawn Starter looked at, and ranked, several things like the average rating in a restaurant in an area, how many fast food restaurants there are per square mile, and the affordability of a meal when adjusted for income. After looking at 11 separate categories, Buffalo comes in at 134th place.

Lawn Starter
Lawn Starter

In addition to ranking so low on how much Buffalo loves Fast Food, the 716 is also among the most expensive cities to get fast food in. Buffalo has the 5th highest cost of a combo meal when adjusted for income.

In all, it looks like we better stick to our tried and true Buffalo places to eat.

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