You go to Tim Horton's and you grab your large double-double on the way to work and you once in a while win a donut or a coffee. Well, one day you're going to win something other than that and if you happen to roll over a free gift card or cash, or God-willing that car, DO NOT DO THIS.

There have been instances of this before and it happened in WNY. When you roll up the rim and you see ONLY a serial number there instead of 'Please, play again' that means you won something worth more than a donut or a coffee. You then have to go call or claim the prize on the website to find out what you have won.

Well, one guy rolled it up, saw the serial number and freaked out thinking he won the car. Puts a picture of his serial number online saying he 'won' and well, you probably guessed it by now, someone took the serial number and claimed his $100 gift card before he could.

You've been warned.

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