Two things are for sure in Western New York.  1) We love our wings here.  2)  We love our Buffalo Bills.

The Bills Mafia was just named the NFL's Best Fans by "NFL on Fox."  The question from a lot of people around the country is...why?

Why do we love our Bills so much?  It would be easy for someone outside our region to argue that they've never won a super bowl.  It's been years since we've seen any success.  Heck, it was only a couple years ago that we finally made it back to the playoffs.

But we still keep coming back.

And this stuff goes a long way with fans in Western New York.

According to WKBW, multiple Bills players reached out to Chief Diversity Officer Shatorah Donovan weeks ago to ask about how the team might be more involved in the City’s social justice initiatives.  How could they help their community be better?

As many school districts are finding as they explore remote learning for our children, Buffalo Public Schools have been having trouble getting students and families internet access to complete school work.

This is where Buffalo Bills RB Taiwan Jones, LT Dion Dawkin, CB Josh Norman, DE Jerry Hughes, and DT Harrison Phillips, Bills staff, and Bills ownership stepped up and donated some of their own money to help get them the internet access that they need.  It is unknown at this time the exact amount that will be donated but it's estimated to be close to $1 million that will be provided.


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