The Jordan Poyer charity golf tournament set to happen on July 10th has been canceled.

A Tweet from one of his agents confirms that the tournament was canceled over negative backlash over the location of the tournament.

The tournament was going to raise money for non-profits in Western New York but was being held at The Blue Monster at Trump National In Doral, Florida. According to the Tweet, that course is a favorite of Poyer but there has been a negative response to it being held at Doral.

Jordan and officials with his charity golf tournament stated that the golf tournament will be back in 2024. It is not known if it will be at the same location.

This would have been the second golf tournament that Poyer has been a part of this off-season.  

The Jordan Poyer Foundation was established back in May of 2022 and its goal is to support those who struggle with mental health and substance abuse of any kind.

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The foundation's mission is "to provide support and education to individuals and families affected by substance abuse."

You can learn more about the foundation HERE.

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