The Buffalo Naval Park has been in the news lately asking for donations to help save and restore the historic ships that are docked there.

4-year-old Arrow Swartwout donated his piggy bank full of pennies and nickels to help out, and he received some unexpected praise from those who run the park.

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Developer Douglas Jemal was deeply moved by the donation, according to NEWS 4 BUFFALO which is why he put together a ceremony to honor the boy where Arrow was given a U.S. Flag, and a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

“Every child his age should grow up like that,” said Jamal.

Arrow’s grandmother said Arrow was worried the USS Sullivan would sink before he ever got the chance to go onboard. So they emptied the contents of his piggy bank into a plastic bag and dropped it off to officials at the park.

“You’ve done a great job educating him, you’ve inspired him, for the fact that he donated some money.  And in fact, he came today with a second delivery of money,” said park officials.

Jemal is leading the campaign to raise one million dollars to restore the Naval Park and every donation from the public helps.

“And may we all pitch together and show what kind of good neighbors we are, and support the USS Sullivans to the restoration it deserves,” said Jamal.

If you would like to make a donation to support the USS Sullivans and the Buffalo Naval Park you can here.

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