The Jacksonville Jaguars already fired the coach that they thought would turn it all around for them.  So who is next on the list of coaches in Florida?

Urban Meyer was a very popular college coach, known mostly for his time coaching the Florida Gators and then the Ohio State Buckeyes.

It was huge news to hear that he was headed to the NFL to coach the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They really thought they had the answer to all their problems.  However, 13 games into the season, the Jags are already moving on from Meyers.  He was recently fired.

Now the question is, who is going to fill that role?

Last year, both Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll and Bills defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier were interviewed for head coaching jobs on other teams in the NFL.  They didn’t pan out last year, but would it make more sense for one of them to fill this vacancy now?

You can bet that Daboll will be one of the most talked-about candidates.  Not only has he had success at just about every level he’s ever coached at, he’s coached with some of the biggest names in football today.  He’s worked with Alabama’s Nick Saban, New England’s Bill Belichick, Sean McDermott and more.  He would be able to help develop young quarterback Trevor Lawrence and maybe bring a little bit of the positive culture that has changed in Buffalo with the arrival of McDermott.  It would be a good situation for him too.  They’ve got a young quarterback that needs some people around him and the team can only go up from where they are right now.

Is this the year that we finally lose Brian Daboll to a head coaching gig somewhere else?  A lot of people on Twitter sure do wish it would happen...



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