Most Bills fans remember when the team was up for sale in 2014 after longtime owner Ralph C. Wilson passed away.

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The franchise was ultimately purchased by Terry and Kim Pegula, who still own the team, but there were other potential bids as well, even one from current U.S. president,  Donald Trump.

Another bidder was music star Jon Bon Jovi.

In July of 2014, Bon Jovi was part of a bid that included Larry Tanenbaum, who was the chairman of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, along with the Rogers Family. All three were expected to be responsible for one-third of a final bid. Bon Jovi would've been the controlling owner.

Although there was no confirmation, rumors swirled that the group would've moved the Bills to Toronto, eventually, if they bought the team.

The Pegulas won the bid at $1.4 billion.

Today, Bon Jovi is starting to make the rounds on Bills social media for comments he made while being interviewed by Barstool Sports founder and president, Dave Portnoy.

According to Upstate New York, Portnoy asked Bon Jovi:

"You tried to buy the Bills? We're trying to name the stadium of the Bills. We’ll see if we get that.”

After Portnoy throws out a possible name he would want ("Barstool Bounce House"), Bon Jovi asks him how much the naming rights are going for -- "$20-25 million?" Portnoy says that it is "way less."

Bon Jovi smiles and says:

"Oh sure, 'cause it's Buffalo...*laughter*"

You can watch the video below.

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