What do you think the best selling item at Buffalo-based apparel designer 26 Shirts is? Maybe something for the Bills or Sabres...no actually it's actually for the Toronto Blue Jays!

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WIVB reports that after the Toronto Blue Jays announced they would be playing the majority of their 2020 home schedule at Sahlen Field in Buffalo, the company started selling shirts and caps featuring a Buffalo parody of the Blue Jays logo. More than 6,600 purchases later, the gear is sold out. The campaign has broken sales records, founder Del Reid says.

“Obviously the bulk of the purchases are in the Western New York area. But we are selling nationwide,” Reid said, noting there have been plenty of sales to Canadians as well.

For each purchase, $8 will be donated to two food banks, which will split the funds: Feedmore WNY and Community Food Centres Canada.

“Our largest donation ever made to a family was $17,000,” Reid said. “In this case, both food banks will be receiving over $26,000.”


“I learned two things,” Reid added. “One is that Buffalo just wants something to root for. I knew that already. Buffalo wants to get behind whatever is going on in this city.

“And then I also learned there are a lot of Yankees fans in Buffalo who have strong opinions about us selling Blue Jays inspired merchandise.”

It's just a shame that neither Buffalo or Canadian fans can see the games in person.


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