It happens to all of us.  You are excited for a trip, and you have everything planned perfectly.  You make a checklist and even check it twice.  Then it happens.  You realize once you get there that you forgot something.


This happened to the Bills on Sunday when they woke up and realized that they left their offense in Buffalo.  They tore apart the hotel room, looked inside the rental car, and retraced all of their steps.  Unfortunately for them, the offense was sitting home enjoying a beautiful Western New York day.


It was a real knuckle head move, but let's not give them too much grief.  We all remember when Kevin McCallister's whole family forgot about him TWICE.  His mom didn't win mother of the year but she was forgiven.  He was an 8 year old kid, this was just for a football game.


It happens to the best of them, and I'm sure coach McDermott will take some heat for forgetting to pack it but what can you do.  Let this be a reminder folks, pack once/check twice.  Don't be a silly head and forget to bring something so major when making a trip. I bet the Bills won't make that mistake again!

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