We’ve been waiting with anticipation for months, and at last, it’s finally here -  the Bills are back, baby. 

Tonight’s matchup between the LA Rams and our Buffalo Bills is considered by many to be a preview of the 2023 Superbowl - so naturally, Western New Yorkers will be glued to their TVs tonight to watch all of the action.

But after lying in wait for months, some Buffalonians couldn’t stand to stay home until next Monday’s home opener and needed to see this game IRL. In fact, hundreds of Bills fans have made the cross-country trip to Los Angeles just to root on their team in their first official game of the season. Most Western New Yorkers know at least one person that boarded a plane this week to cheer on the Bills, leaving those of us at home seething with jealousy.

But just how many members of Bills Mafia will be present at SoFi stadium tonight?

Bills Fans Taking Over SoFi Stadium

According to a survey from the ticket resale company Vivid Seats, 32% of the crowd tonight in LA will be Buffalo Bills fans. In addition, tonight’s game is one of the week’s most in-demand tickets, with average prices sitting at a whopping $340 a seat. 

The data from Vivid Seats also shows that more fans than ever are hitting to road to follow their favorite teams to their away games. On average, 1 out of every 4 fans at an NFL Week 1 game in 2021 were rooting for the visiting team. Those numbers are expected to be even higher this year, as Covid restrictions have loosened up at stadiums all across the country.

Even though many of us are green with envy at our friends watching the Bills in the LA sunshine, if you’re like me, I’m happy to be watching the game tonight from my couch in good ol’ Buffalo. Some of us need to save our energy for Monday the 19th!

Go Bills!

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