Soon kids all over Western New York will be heading back to school and just like we love rooting for the Buffalo Bills, school spirit is big here in the 716.

Growing up in West Seneca, the biggest rivalry I knew of was the one between West Seneca West and West Seneca East. I played soccer in high school and even if we lost every other game, we always wanted to beat West.

Football games between these two schools were always loud and fun to attend. Lots of fans of both schools were in the stands and it just brought a certain energy to the stadium.

These rivalries stay with us all our lives. I know for me, my son Avry played soccer for Frontier last year now and when he played against West Seneca West, I wanted him to crush them.  Heck, my dad moved a couple of years ago from our old home off Clinton Street to a home near West Seneca West and when I visit him, I let out a "Go Trojans" when I pass West Senior High.

Of course, every school here in Western New York has that other school that you just love to beat in sports, academics, and more.

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We posed the question on social media and asked people which schools they thought had the biggest rivalry.

We got a ton of responses from Tonawanda and North Tonawanda to Frontier and Hamburg, to Kenmore East and West.

Anytime a town shares two high schools you know there is going to be some big rivalries there.

These high school rivalries remind me a lot of the battle between the Northtowns and Southtowns here in Western New York. Both sides think they are better than the other side.

So check out some of the biggest high school rivalries in Western New York.

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