The phrase "Beast Mode" was born right here in Buffalo, and now the guy who made it popular is coming back to Buffalo.

Marshawn Lynch is easily one of the biggest characters to have ever played in the NFL.  Just about everything the guy did went viral.  From running over defenders to his love for Skittles, and only responding with "I'm only here so I won't get fined." at press conferences, we've seen him do it all.

He's been in commercials and even had his own show on MTV.

People often forget that it was Buffalo that gave him his first shot in the NFL.  He was drafted out of Cal College with the 12th pick in the 2007 NFL Draft to the Bills.  Unfortunately, things didn't work out here and he was traded away for what most people think was a steal.  The Bills only got a 4th round pick for him from the Seattle Seahawks, a team that he would then play 6 years for before retiring (the first time).

He's a guy that has always loved to have fun (on and off the field) and it looks as though he's going to be back in Buffalo this weekend to cheer on his former team.

No...he won't be suiting up to help give a little boost to the run game this time.  Or will he?  We will have to see.

The Bills are back home this weekend as they take on the Colts at Highmark Stadium with hopes of starting back up with a winning streak after a demoralizing loss to the Jags and then giving a beating to the Jets.

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