NANA...NANA...NANA...NANA... BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!


Nickel City Con is happening at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center this weekend and you can check out Batman & Robin but they won't have the Batmobile.

The driver of the Batmobile (Robin) who wasn't in costume by the way, was on the I-190 to the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center when danger stuck...

Jeff Yaskow who plays Robin stated the radiator hose blew and there was smoke everywhere. Because of the smoke, he couldn't see, which resulted in the crash.

Luckily, no one was hurt but there are some severe damages.

The Batmobile does have other scheduled events but they aren't sure how long it will be out of commission.

"The car is all fiberglass, with like a metal tube frame ... So it doesn't take much to break the fiberglass. When you break it, it's not like you just go and buy a new fender and put it on," Yaskow said.

Sounds like it might be a lengthy process.

"It was a vehicle built by Ford in 1955 as a concept vehicle," Yaskow said. They only built one. What happened was, it was used in a movie and then it just sat in a back lot for 10 years. Then they needed a Batmobile real quick," he said.

The vehicle is molded from the original Batmobile featured on the camp TV series that aired on ABC from 1966 to 1968.

While the Batmobile might be out of commission, the show must go on! You can still get to check out your favorite characters like.... Hulk Hogan!


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