Living in South Buffalo, I do a lot of commuting in West Seneca and Lackawanna, since South Buffalo straddles both. You also get used to utilizing the 90, 219, and 400 expressways in your travels.

Summer is winding down in Western New York and that usually means that the construction season will also be winding down, but not before a few more projects need to be completed, including one that will happen this weekend.

If you drive on the 400 in West Seneca, there's something important to keep in mind this weekend.

The New York State Department of Transportation announced that a busy portion of the 400 will be closed this weekend.

Beginning at 6 pm this Friday, September 10th, the northbound 400 from the Union Road exit to the Seneca Street exit will be closed for roadwork. It will not reopen until Monday, September 13th at 6 am.

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A detour onto Center Road in West Seneca will be posted for motorists.

I'm betting that Union Road will be much busier than normal this weekend because the roadwork along that part of the 400 and the Bills game this Sunday won't help matters since many people take Union and the 400 on their travels and try to avoid the 219, which can be very congested at 4 pm after the Bills game ends.

If you usually take the 400 northbound towards the 90, best to find an alternate route this weekend.

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