Per The Buffalo News, The State Department of Transportation says they're responding to the overwhelming negative response to their $101-million plan to convert the Route 198 Scajaquada Expressway into a low-speed parkway.  The speed limit on the so-called Expressway has already been reduced to 30 mph, but the DOT wanted to take it a step further.

In addition to the lower speed limit the plan included at-grade intersections with traffic signals, pedestrian crosswalks and an original plan to convert the expressway bridge over Delaware Avenue into a pedestrian walkway.  Most public comments were opposed to the idea and the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conversancy collected more than 5,500 signatures calling on the state to stop the plan.

The state says it's apparent that the planned at-grade intersection with Delaware Avenue simply could not handle the traffic.  They say they will now drop the plan and go back to the beginning to look for a fresh approach.

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