At this point, there is a lot of uncertainty about the NFL 2020 season.  An Assemblyman is asking the Pegulas to allow season ticket holders to skip it.

If you are a season ticket holder this year, you might be hesitant to re-buy those tickets.  No one is sure not only if there is going to be a season, but if there is, if there will be fans in the seats.  And if there are fans, will they pack the stadium?  And if they don't, will it be as much fun with fewer people?

So many questions...

But what a lot of people don't know about being a season ticket holder is that when the next year comes around, you have the first right to buy those tickets.  So...if you give up your seats this year, you might not get the same seats back again.

That's why Assemblyman Sean Ryan is asking the Pegulas to allow people to give those seats up this year for the 2020 season without fear of losing them in the future.

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Mr Ryan writes,

"I urge you to allow Buffalo Bills season ticket holders to skip the 2020 season without penalty."

He adds that his concern is mostly with fans who would like to go to the game but are at a greater risk of contracting the virus,

" While many fans will understandably look forward to attending in-person games this fall, fans who face a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, due to age or underlying health conditions, would prefer to skip in-person attendance during the 2020 season. I strongly believe those Buffalo Bills fans should not be penalized for taking precautions to protect their own health and safety."

WIVB has the entire letter for you to read by clicking here.

The NFL hasn't made any decision of what the season will even look like yet.  Is it too early to make a move like that for the Pegulas?

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