Today we played another round of everyone's favorite generational game 'Ask A Millennial', where we find out the differences between Millennials and Generation Y even though we have been lumped together.  It's kind of ridiculous that they did combine us so I am out to prove them wrong.


Today's contestant was Bill D from our Townsquare Media team.  Bill is our Digital Media Executive and he just started with our company last week.  What better way to break in a new employee then with some generational hazing!  None of these questions were given during his interview for the job, but maybe we should start making that a requirement!


If you missed the segment from today's show you can hear it here.  If you just want to hear it again because you can't believe he doesn't know who Winnie Cooper is, you can do that too.

Now I didn't expect him to know what Gold Circle was, that was a long time ago, and I am not even sure how many of those there were.  He did good with his TV and movie knowledge for the most part, but not knowing Winnie Cooper is a big strike against him.


I try to make these questions easy so that it doesn't seem like I am trying to trick anybody.  Also, I try and choose questions that relate to major hits so they are not too obscure.  I feel like we have done a good job at that but we would love to hear from you.  If you have any suggestions for 'Ask A Millennial' questions you can send them to me at  If I choose to use your question on a future show, you might just win a prize.

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