Millennials - we love them, they are adorable, and they are the future of our world.  This is how Val Townsend and I felt about them until we recently found out that we are now considered one!  How can this be!!


Here's the thing, we have no problem with Millennials, we just don't understand how we could possibly be considered in the same generation.  I was born in '77 and Val in '79 and up until recently we were considered Generation Y.  For some reason the Pew Research Center decided to change that and make everyone from '77-'94 Millennials.


If you were born in the '70's or early '80s you are not a Millennial no matter what they say.  To prove this, we asked our very own Misha Jay some very easy questions that any Generation Y'er would know.  Needless to say he didn't fare too well...take a listen:

That was just one of the questions, but he failed with almost all of them.  Here is what else I asked:

  • What is a Trapper Keeper?  He had no idea and thought it was a job for someone who keeps traps.
  • What movie series made Ralph Macchio famous?  He had never heard of Ralph Macchio, which is amazing on it's own.
  • Where would you find a card catalog?  He thought that was a roladex so he said in an office.  After learning the correct answer he said his Aunt worked in a library.
  • Who is the Beverly Hills Cop?  Surprisingly he got this one correct!

As you can see, all of these questions are fairly simple if we are in the same generation. Clearly we are not!  Tune in next Wednesday for another round of 'Ask A Millennial'.

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