Sometimes I have thought about what it would be like to make six figures. I also think what job I could do that pays six figures. The questions just end up just being a train of thought for a brief time. When I think of six figure salary jobs I think of lawyers, doctors and CEO's of major companies. Turns out there are plenty of jobs out there that you can make six figure salaries doing and they are jobs that you wouldn't figure you could make that much doing them.

Call Center Analyst- A call center analyst is the person who handles the quality assurance for a call center. A recent job posting in Chantilly, VA needs a Quality Assurance Analyst that is fluent in English and Spanish and states the job has a six figure salary. Call center directors also make a pretty penny with a median salary of $121,000.00.

Afghan Language Specialist- When the 9-11 attacks happened it became extremely vital to find interpreters and linguists who could translate and communicate with Afghan media. There are two languages in Afghanistan that translators must know, Dari and Pashto. If you know those languages you could make between 187,000.00 and 193,000.00. Wow, I wish I would've paid attention more in foreign language class.

Personal Trainer- This one is the most reasonable in my mind, personal trainers could make ALOT of money in big cities and if they have high profile clientele. Trainers in big cities like New York, Boston and Tampa make upwards of $70.00 per hour. That rate can add up quick.

Other jobs on this list include, a Flight Training Coordinator, Elevator Mechanic, Court Reporter and Pharmacists. If you are in need of a job change, look at these jobs. I am glad I could help! If you know of any other jobs that have large (maybe not even six figure salaries) please post them below. To read the full article on Yahoo! click here.

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