When you're seeing someone new, when do you stop "dating" and become a "relationship"?  Statistics say the average time is about six weeks in.

The survey, was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of EdenFantasys, also revealed that in most relationships, physical affection comes first

The key apparently is not waiting too long or your dating-partner may start to look for someone else.

What prompts the label, first kiss, intimacy...saying "I love you"?

“A life journey with another person starts with its title (I, personally, find the word label in this case inaccurate),” said Fred Petrenko of EdenFantasys. “If you are ready to go, you’ll want and need to call the relationship a name. If you don’t - you’ll delay it. This is the best way to see if your partner is serious about you.”

When you start confiding in the other person, you tell your family and friends about them, and the idea of commitment no longer scares you, it might be time to label your relationship.

(SWNS Digital)



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