There is only one thing that is a sure thing when it comes to the NFL season this year - It's supposed to start in a few weeks and no one knows what's going to happen.

At the beginning of July, Governor Cuomo declared that there would be no fans in professional sports stadiums this season for their games.  It was outlined in a six page document that said the state of New York wouldn't allow it.

The rule was that teams would "Ensure that no live audience, fans, or spectators are allowed to attend or permitted to enter any professional sports venue, even if an outdoor venue.”

However, just a few days later, the Bills started to explore allowing "a limited number" of fans into the stadium...if they are allowed to.

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Per the Buffalo Bills' website:

"Thank you for your continued support and patience through this unprecedented offseason. As we are well aware of New York State’s current guidelines for the return of professional sports, we are still in the process of planning for the possibility of a limited amount of spectators being able to attend games for the 2020 season. We understand that guidelines have continued to evolve in our state and we will maintain communication with the NFL and state and local government agencies to establish policies and procedures to create and maintain the safest possible environment should spectators be permitted."

Today, we hear that the NFL sent out another questionnaire to select season ticket holders asking a broad range of questions, including communication from the team, the direction the team is heading on the field, and fans' comfort level with watching the game from inside the stadium this season.

It makes you wonder if they know something that we don't.  As of right now, the Governor hasn't changed his stance when it comes to fans in stadiums.  But if he does, it looks as though the Bills will be prepared to make a change to their policy for this season.


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