Would you believe dog owners are roughly TWICE as happy as cat owners?

Even people without pets come out ahead of cat owners, with 32 percent of pet-less people saying they are "very happy."

Before dog owners start feeling even more superior to the cat people, it should be noted the survey only indicates how people are describing themselves -- it's not an objective measure of happiness.

Cat owners just might happen to be the kind of people who don't like to describe themselves as "very happy."

Wait a minute...I'm a cat owner and I am very happy.  Happy that my cat doesn't need to be let out every few hours, or doesn't eat everything in site as soon as I place her food dish on the floor. I mean being a cat owner does have it's advantages, I'm not knocking dog owners, since I have been one too.

If you (or your cat) would like to see more on the subject check it out here.



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