The Botanical Gardens is really the happening place right now. With Morty, The Corpse Flower which bloomed last week; and now Fester?



People flocked to The Botanical Gardens last week to get a whiff of the Corpse Flower, Morty. The Botanical Gardens extended regular business hours for people to experience this rare event. A rare event indeed as it takes at least 6 years for these babies to bloom. Morty came early and now his brother Fester is set to bloom.

That's right! Welcome Fester! The Corpse Flower that is set to bloom within the next few weeks and is blooming early as well. This is nuts right? So, if you missed Morty's whiff, be sure to catch Fester at this rare event.

If that doesn't tickle your fancy, they are featuring more weird and wacky plants. Have you ever seen a monkey orchid looking flower? Neither have I. They are also looking into a Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree. Be sure to visit this amazing gem in Buffalo. It is great for the entire family!

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