The long anticipated 7th season of American Horror Story has been finally named!  If you are a fan of the show like I am then you are jumping out of your skin with excitement.  The only bad part of the show is that is takes place in the fall which means summer is over.


The title of the new season is American Horror Story: Cult.  Sounds spooky, but then again they all kind of do.  The season will include veterans Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters, as well as newcomers Lena Dunham, Billie Lourd and Billy Eichner.  How awesome does that sound!!


If you haven't seen the teaser trailer yet you're in luck.  It is creepy.  I'm not afraid of clowns like some people are, but creepy clowns are not my favorite.  Put them in a cult and it only gets worse for me.  Enjoy!


For a trip down memory lane watch this.

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