The Buffalo Bills are set to kick off their home opener tonight against the Tennessee Titans and it looks like the heavens about are rooting for the Bills.

One of the best things about this time of year is that we get amazing sunsets across Western New York and apparently the man upstairs is rooting for the Bills because one member of Bills Mafia caught an amazing sunset on camera.

Check out this photo that was posted to Twitter.

If that doesn't look like the charging Buffalo on the Bills helmet, I don't know what does!

So is this a sign? Does this mean that the Bills have a higher power looking out for them this season and this is the year they bring the Lombardi trophy to Western New York for the 1st time ever?

It is hard to argue that the Bills are not the team to beat this year. Odds makers in Vegas and across the country all think the Bills are the team to beat and when you get a sign from up above, how can you argue that?

The Bills already showed the NFL that they mean business when they beat the defending Super Bowl champions on the road last Thursday. Tonight they can put old demons away when they beat the Titans on national TV. No more will "Music City Miracle" haunt the Bills and Bills Mafia.

My prediction for the game tonight, the Bills beat the Titans 35-14.

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