Social media has its ups and downs. Police Departments utilize social media to catch wanted criminals faster.



In this particular incidence, Anthony Akers who is 38 years old was wanted by the Richland WA police department for failure to comply. When Richland WA took to social media to post a Wanted Ad on Facebook, Akers actually responded. You can check out the hilarious back and forth here:


He was brutally honest with the police department and told them, "He had to tie up a few loose ends" before he could turn himself in as he knew he would be jailed for at least month.

Again, like a typical date that is trying to "blow you off" he came up with more and more excuses.



He finally did turn himself in and social media is going crazy about this. Some think this is absolutely hilarious because he was brutally honest with them, while others believe it's not. If you're wanted by the police it is no laughing matter.

Where do you stand?

You can read the full story here:


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