I've got money on my mind! I'm on a quest to get myself together financially, so while I was looking for some inspiration, I came across Essence Magazine's list of the only African-American billionaires in the United States. It's crazy that only about one percent of the billionaires in America are Black - there are 8, out of the 724 billionaires in this country.  There are 2,755 billionaires in the world.  It just gives me more motivation to strive to make the list one day!

The newest addition to the list is songstress and entertainer Rihanna. She is just one of two women to make the list. While most of the 8 made their money in sports or entertainment, there are a couple of Black billionaires that made their money primarily through investing and technology. Many of the billionaires who earned their initial capital from their entertainment careers, were able to flip the money by investing in other industries, like apparel, media, liquor, and sports.

One thing is clear, this list needs to expand and quickly in the next few years. While it's inspiring to see these 8 Black billionaires in America, it's also disheartening that they make up such a small percentage of the billionaires in the United States. You can check out New York's 10 wealthiest billionaires here.


These Are the 8 Black Billionaires in America

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