It's a lonely feeling - the dreaded bye week.  It's a week when your weekly traditions and routines take a break from football.  So what do you do with your life?

It's not easy.  For the past 5 weeks you get up and do the same thing every Sunday.  But what do you do when you don't have to man the grill for 4 hours or keep making beer runs to make sure everyone is full?

Here's a list of things you could do this Sunday to fill the void:

1.  Cheer for your neighbor while they do their chores. need to cheer for someone right?  I'm not gonna judge if you set up a tailgate party in the driveway either.  Just don't get all of your own done.  If you do, you'll hear, "See how much you could get done if you didn't waste your time watching that team of yours lose every week?!"

2.  Work on better snacks for next week.  Just because there isn't football, it doesn't mean you can't eat.  Try out some new recipes and concentrate on eating them all.  Your family will appreciate it...if you save some for them.

3.  The Patriots play on Thursday but you can watch the Miami Dolphins take on the Washington Redskins.  They are two of our upcoming opponents after all....Ok, ok...I'm kidding!  Nobody wants to watch that game.  It's going to be horrible.

4.  Go to church - say a prayer that hopefully the week will fly by.  Pray for your team...and yourself while you're at it.

5.  Do something fun with your significant other or your kids - Go apple picking or grab up a pumpkin from a local farm.

Then get's a long season and we aren't even half way done yet!  Bring on the football!!

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