Matt Goodman just turned 21. The night before his milestone birthday, his family had a small, emotional celebration, with a very special present from Matt's late father, John, who died of cancer in 2015.

“It was awesome, it was the best present I could ask for, Goodman said. I know the hardest thing for my dad was the things he was going to miss out on. Anyone who knew my dad knew he was this goofy, larger than life of the party guy, and my little brother was his entire world,” said Matt’s sister, Casey Goodman.

Just before he passed, John Goodman gave Casey a $10 bill which Casey in turn passes on to her mother for safekeeping.

“We put it in an envelope that night and put it in a safe and put it in her closet for the last six years now,” Casey said.

On Sunday, John Goodman’s wish came true. That $10 bill was used to buy Matt his first beer: a Bud Light, his late Dad's favorite.

“It was pretty awesome, actually. It felt like he was with me through that whole thing. It felt like he was with me actually drinking a beer with me,” Matt said.

Matt tweeted about the heartfelt moment. He wrote: “cheers pop havin this one for you.” The tweet has gone viral with more than half-a-million people liking the post so far.

Matt's tweet has gotten such a resounding response, even the King of Beers tweeted: “we’re raising one to your pops, Matt. He got your first beer and the next one’s on us.”

 They sent Matt eight 30-packs of beer.

People from all over the world have reportedly been asking Matt for his Venmo number to buy him a beer.

Showing just what a great guy Matt is he says he’d rather have that money donated to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since they were so wonderful treating his father.

If you would like to donate, here is a link.


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