Remember when there were tons of kids in your class with the same name?  Lots of "Sarah"s, "Joe"s, "Jessica"s, and "Mike"s.


If is right, 2021 is gonna have boatloads of "Zelda"s and "Thor"s.

According to their predictions of the 100 hottest baby names of 2017, some strange trends are popping up.

First, "old-fashioned" names are making a comeback, like Beatrice, Clara, Esther, and Lionel.

Then, pop-culture-inspired names are appearing, like Archer, Bowie, and Zelda.

The more "unique" names that are creeping in? Calliope. Echo. Loxley. Osiris.

We asked this morning, what's the most unique name of a real person you know?  Are there unique names in your kids class? 

A few of the noteables:

Renee / Pendleton: I have nieces named chance and sunshine

Stacy / Lockport: My daughter went to school with a girl named Feather

Diane/ Amherst: I went to college with a guy named Welcome lie! (Ps..he asked people to call him Chip:)

Mary Beth / Lancaster: My grandsons name is Zaidyn

How about you?





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