With Hurricane Florence expected to hit the east coast later on this week, it is important to know some of the basics when in a situation like this.



We often go into denial mode when these things happen. Some of the thoughts that go through our heads are:

"That won't happen to me!"

"I'll be fine!"

"I don't need that!"

Well, now is the time to at least have a disaster kit. 60% of people don't have a plan in place when a disaster takes place. That's more than half of the population. You know how the old saying goes, "Only the strong survive."

Here are the 13 things you need in a disaster kit:

A least three gallons of water per person

A three day supply of non perishable food items

A flashlight

A portable radio

Extra batteries

A first aid kit

A whistle so you can blow it for help

Sanitation supplies i.e. towelettes

Garbage supplies

Matches or lighter

Extra battery for your cell phone that is charged

Extra blankets or clothes


Stay safe everyone!


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