When we were kids, there was one phrase you never used in our house.  We never said, "I'm bored."  Here are some great ways to keep your kids busy on a snow day.

We never said it.  The phrase that was never supposed to pass our lips.  It was almost as bad as a dirty curse word in our house.  If you did find the courage to utter it, you'd be sentenced to an afternoon of misery that was even worse.  What was the phrase?

"I'm bored."

If we said it my parents would find us something to do.  And it was never fun.  But let's be honest, sometimes you get bored and you need ideas of things to do to pass the time.

Kids dream about snow days.  A whole day off to do whatever we want?!?  It's perfect.  So how will you spend your day?  There are tons of ideas.  You could spend it just staring at your phone all day or...you could actually do something with it.

There's tons to do when you get a snow day.  You can either spend it being a complete couch potato (which is ok sometimes), getting crafty, or getting active.  From science experiments to building forts, there's always something to do.  Heck, you might even be able to turn it into a money making opportunity.

Here's my list of things that I would suggest for my kids on snow days.  Take em or leave em...just don't ever say that you're bored.  There's lots to do!

11 Activities To Keep Your Kids Busy During A Buffalo Snow Day

Gallery Credit: Brett Alan

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