$10.00 off a bra at Victoria Secret... BUT there is a catch!



If you are like me, I go shopping for bra's at Victoria's Secret. I absolutely love it there and I feel amazing after leaving there. However, my wallet can feel the heat sometimes. They have amazing bra's and if you don't catch them on a sale, it could do some damage to your wallet... Right now, though.... You can get $10.00 off a Victoria's Secret Bra when you turn in your old bra's.

Let's talk hygiene ladies... Make sure your "recycled bra" is washed. The last thing the cashier wants to do is handle your dirty bra's. Let's try to be classy, ladies.

So, turn in your old bra that is frayed and doesn't "lift" like it used to, and get $10.00 off a new bra that will left and fit great in all the right places. The deal ends today, so hurry in!

Stay classy, Buffalo!


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